Do the most recent Go Compare adverts make you feel uncomfortable?

For the last few years we have all been familiar with the Go Compare adverts featuring Gio Compario, the opera singer played by Wynne Evans.  The advert is intended to be memorable – even irritating – to ensure that it stays in your consciousness, and there’s no doubt that it works.  I know that when browsing the internet for insurance I always remember Go Compare and Compare the Market/Meerkat purely because of their successful advertising campaigns.

It is their latest series of adverts, however, that leaves a bad taste in my mouth.  Having built up Gio Compario over the years they seem determined now to knock him down from the pedestal that they put him on.  If I caught my children putting someone down, as Go Compare now seem intent on doing, I’d be very disappointed, and I feel no less disappointed in Go Compare for feeling the need to be so cruel.   Watching the adverts feels very like being a party to bullying and I don’t like it.

I appreciate that in the grand scheme of things this is a trivial matter and I’m sure we’ll all move on to the next big thing in the world of advertising in a few weeks, but until then I hope I don’t come across too many more of these adverts.


4 responses to “Do the most recent Go Compare adverts make you feel uncomfortable?

  1. Funny you should mention this! I was horrified that Go Compare had Gio Compario blown up by a bomb! I mean, if that’s not violence on TV I don’t know what it. They then took that off due to comsumer complaint, only for the bomb to be replaced by Gio’s neighbor practically committing an act if GBH on him to shut him up!
    Incredible. They might be selling j durance but what kind of moral examples are they teaching our children?!
    Couldn’t agree with you’re sentiment more!

  2. Totally agree. These adverts always remind me of “mob rule”. I was once attacked by a bully in a crowded room. She only did it because she was encouraged by a large group in the youth club we were in. I think of this now when I see the new adverts. I really hated the Go Compare adverts and longed for them to stop, even switching chanels until it had finished. But due to a lot of people doing this and a “mob rule” opinion of get this off our TV the Go compare people seem to have turned bully like that girl in the youth club who attacked me simply because the mob told her to. I dislike the fact that a man kick a football into the singers chest, flattening him and winding him in front of on lookers…Bully. I always explain to my girls that this is an example of bullying and this is unacceptable.

  3. I agree, I find them totally disturbing and that they encourage violence towards someone who is annoying you. What kind of message is that to send to our children? Especially as this advert is shown before the watershed AND on Children’s TV channels! No wonder we live in such violent times when TV and media companies think it’s ok to glorify violence for entertainment!

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