All Good Things Come to an End

My children are close to tears, especially the Monster. A long day stretches before them and they cannot see a way to make it a happy one. They feel this loss acutely – even the promise of chocolate is only enough to dull the pain a little.  The Monster looks at me, eyes moist and glistening. “Why did Daddy go back to work?”

Yes, eleven days at home and now it is he who all happiness hinges on.  They have screamed their eternal love for him from the front door and begged him to come home at lunch time. We’ve already had to phone daddy to check he’s ok and definitely coming back for bedtime and secure the promise of a phone call on his way back.  Yes, Daddy is a shiny star, all rows and grumpiness forgotten.

Why do I feel like if I disappeared off to work for a few days the kids wouldn’t even notice…?


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