That Friday Feeling Again

I was pottering away on my blog, writing a post about the Monster’s latest achievement and thinking about getting my posts about his assessments up to date when I realised with a jolt that today is Friday! Who stole my week? It’s not allowed! Yes, I have some fabulous things coming up in the next few months but I’m also not ready for the Monster to start school!

Follow a Newbie Friday is a chance for us newbies to join forces and shamelessly promote ourselves.  It gives a wee microphone to your blogging voice, if you like.  You don’t have to be a newbie to join in though – I’m sure we all love finding new things to read or stumbling back across an old favourite.  Take the time to read through the following blogs – a mix of old (but still newbie) favourites and some brand new ones out there too.  Check out the Follow a Newbie Friday tab at the top for all the info on joining in.  And don’t forget, if you take part or if you’ve been included, feel free to add the badge to your blog.

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Mummy Pink Wellies has had to learn to take it easy.  She hasn’t had an option though because she’s been laid up with pneumonia.  Her advice is that if you’re not feeling well you really must rest up – hopefully your family and friends are as supportive as hers. @pinkwellies79

A Life Unlimited is talking about being naughty.  She has a severly autistic son who (despite what the experts say) clearly has a mischievious side… @CATS_Chris

Mummy Plum loves bread in many forms but the “bread-maker-paddle-stuck-in-middle” version isn’t really to her taste. @mummy_plum

Bishopston Mum shares her son’s first trip to the cinema which was also a trip down memory lane for her.  I wish my old cinema was still standing but it was refurbished into a sports bar a few years ago.  Not a change for the better. @bishopstonmum

Adventures of a Middle Aged Matron asks how much pocket money we give our children – is £1 a week stingy?  And is she missing a trick by not tying it in to helping with the dreaded chores?  What do you think? @ageingmatron

Me and My Zachary was so sure that she would never want to send her child to boarding school.  After all the pain and tears giving birth to and raising a baby, why would you send them away!?  Scroll forward 13 years… @FionaAnnBennett

That’s all for this week.  As ever, if you’ve not been included it doesn’t mean you’re not on “my list” but feel free to leave a comment suggesting your blog.  Or, why not write your own version with fellow newbies on it?  Link it up here and we will not only see other newbies, we’ll see you!


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