So proud!

The Monster hates getting his face wet (especially at bath time) so, though he loves swimming, it is often filled with tears as he splashes his face. He is being brave if he dips his face forward and gets his lips wet.  I wasn’t expecting anything different from normal when we took the kids swimming yesterday. Yes, I dug out the goggles from last year’s holiday but as he had hated them then I didn’t think that yesterday would be any better.

So imagine my surprise when he started dunking himself under the water.  And once he’d learned to blow gentle bubbles under water he had me dunking him and pushing him through the water as though he was swimming below the surface!  A couple of weeks ago he told me he’d never go underwater and yet now he is a water baby!

I’m so proud of the Monster for taking such a big step, though (like most of his recent achievements) it’s bittersweet because it shows how much of a big boy he’s becoming.


7 responses to “So proud!

  1. yay!! My youngest hated the swimming pool so much when I took him when he was around 18 months old, I took him a couple of times and then thought best to leave it for a while, took him again the other week and he was like a different boy, jumping in under the water laughing and playing 🙂 Glad your son has found a love for it now too 🙂

  2. thats so lovely, its nice when they move forward from something that freaked them out initially. Mine loves swimming, doesn’t mind her face getting wet but try to wash her hair & thats a different story 🙂

    • Lol, I should add that he’s not been afraid of swimming – he’s always enjoyed that, but he was afraid of getting his face wet. It would lead to tears and choking. It’s amazing what a set of goggles and teaching him to blow bubbles can do!

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