Follow a Newbie Friday 6

Weeks are flying by these days. It’s bringing summer closer which is great, but it’s also bringing the Monster’s first day at school, who’s kind of bittersweet.

This week, I’m listing a mix of newbies. Some are new newbies like me, still striving to get their voice heard, and others are really quite well known. It occurred to me that I hadn’t included some obvious big but new bloggers and I don’t really know why. Maybe it was because I figure everyone knows who they are or maybe I’ve just been trying to give exposure to smaller blogs. Regardless, just because I’m aware of them doesn’t mean you are so they’re included too. They have lots of great hints, tips & advice so, if you haven’t already, do make sure you look them up.

As ever, it would be great if you could click through, read and maybe even follow some or all of these newbies. And do feel free to join in by writing your own version – whether for one newbie or loads. There’s more info in the Follow a Newbie Friday page.  You can add your link to the linky at the bottom. If you join in or have been included, feel free to put the badge on your blog.

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So, drumroll please. This week’s newbies are…

Cheetahs in my Shoes – dealing with so much both in general and this week.  I think she could do with some hugs so please do stop by and give her some virtual love. @cheetahsinshoes

Mammasaurus – enters the I Spy blog hop in style this week.  Weak-hearted, sensitive souls should look away now… @mammasaurausblog

And Mammasaurus is sharing the blogging bug with her children – Minisaurus – check out their brand new blog where they tell Mammasaurus what to post.  I’m expecting great things.

Those 24 Lil Hours makes the most of the summer sunshine here.  I love her photographs, and wish I knew how to make a blog as attractive and slick. @those24lilhours

Bluebird Sunshine – shares with us her busy time preparing for her new life in Hertfordshire.  I’m sure she’ll have no bother making new friends, but if not maybe we’ll all benefit with extra blogs… @bluebirdsunshine

Mother.Wife.Me – an excellent blog and well worth reading, especially in this post as she says goodbye to her baby and hello to the Parkour attempting, peach tulle wearing toddler.  And she let me guest post for her this week (as Gaelic Medium Mum)!  So chuffed! @motherwifeme

Always a Mummy – her wedding is in 3 months but this week it very nearly didn’t happen.  Read her post to find out more and give her a wee hug because sometimes we all need a hug. @alwaysamummy

Mummy Glitzer – another fabulous mum making the most of the sunshine this week.  If only the sun could hang around a bit longer. @mummyglitzer

As ever, there are so many more I’d planned to include but I need to pick up my son and go to visit my mum’s new Cavalier King Charles Spaniel pups whilst enjoying the sunshine so I leave it there for another week.


5 responses to “Follow a Newbie Friday 6

  1. Thanks for including me…I feel all warm and fuzzy and happy! And I haven’t even had any gin yet today. Thanks for pointing to a few other newbies for me to check out too. Looking forward to a little wander through some new bloggage. 🙂

  2. LOVE this being a newbie and all! Will spend some time going through and following the newbies listed and adding the badge to my page coz I , err sooo know how to do that!!

    love to all


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