Because. Just because.

And so it has been for the last 20 mins. My gorgeous Minx all red, sticky, screwed up, and screaaaaming.

“Why!?” I hear you ask!

Because I’m cuddling her.
Because I’ve put her down.
Because I didn’t take her from her cot.
Because I did.
Just because.

Welcome to Terrible Twosdays! You can link up over at The Crumby Mummy for more toddler tantrums. I bet you have a story of your own to share, too…


16 responses to “Because. Just because.

  1. Oh dear! Hope she has calmed down! I bet you have got a headache! Thank you for linking up. This post has become my therapy, it is lovely to have some company! (Company on Terrible Twosday, not company in pulling our hair out!) x

  2. It’s awful when they’re screaming & you can’t figure out what’s wrong. I presume you checked for the usual: teething, colic, infections, tiredness, hunger, thirst, nappy rash. So many things that can upset them that they can’t tell us about! Sorry to be dull 🙂

    • Yeah, did all the usual checklist. She gets upset if you don’t lift her as soon as she wakes up but she woke an hour early, whilst I was in the garden with the Monster. What made it worse is that the Monster had heard her crying but didn’t tell me so I wouldn’t go in and get her up!?

      • Sounds like she missed her Mummy when she woke up! I always keep a monitor with me when they’re asleep, they’ve been invaluable. It sounds like your Monster monitor may be a bit unreliable! It’s nice to be wanted & popular I guess though , right? lol

        • She did. I was taking advantage of the good weather to hang out washing and push the Monster on the swing. She normally sleeps 2 to 3 hours and I’m in the house so no monitor needed these days (she’s almost 2) but she woke up after about 45mins-1hour. Still, she did settle in the end…

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