Follow a Newbie Friday – Week 5

It’s late because it took all day for the garage to tell me that it was going to cost me almost £200 to fix – after the £400 it took in October.  Not a good day!  I’m also trying to strike a better balance between my life and my internet addiction so I’m doing the best I can to limit my time on social networks which always suck me in and mysteriously steal half my day (and the rest…)  This means I’m not around as much as I have been previously, but I am still there.  It’s been good getting away from it all, and it’s amazing how quickly you can make a break from the internet.  Once you’ve spent a day or two away you stop wondering what’s happening on someone’s status update or, more crucially, if anyone’s posted on yours.

For this week’s Follow a Newbie Friday (sorry, I had no internet access last week), I’ve included a mix of bloggers I’ve highlighted before but I feel they’re worth another shout out, and some new ones I’ve come across recently.  There’s a real mix so make sure you dip in to each of them.

It would be great if you wanted to join in with this.  I appreciate that it may not be a Friday that you post but you’re still welcome to link up any time – the linky at the bottom is live for a whole week, and I’m sure that any blogs you’d like to highlight will love the shout out whether it’s a Friday or a Wednesday.  You can find out more about Follow a Newbie Friday here or via the tab at the top of the page.

If you’ve been featured or if you would like to take part with your own post, you are more than welcome to take the badge and add it to your blog.

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Dandelions & Kisses – read her beautiful letter to her children.  I hope my children grow up to find love that they feel to the tips of their toes, too. @dandelionkisss (yes, three s).

The Crumby Mummy – You can’t beat the classics!  A weekly reminder of all those programmes we loved of old.  And don’t forget to join in with her weekly Terrible Twosdays linky. @thecrumbymummy

Craft on Sea – who has found something that her (weaning) child will eat! I’m sure many of us have been there. @craftsonsea

Never Bored of Bubbles – as a lover of cake pops, I’ve never really questioned them.  It’s good to hear the other side of the cake pop argument.  Emily had a tense time with some cake pops – I’ll let you decide who won… @nb_bubbles

Words and Pictures – this takes you to the cake I intend to make for the Minx’s birthday next month.  Mmmm – I know it’s not hugely healthy or natural, but I can’t wait!  I’m hoping it’ll be a fun surprise on the day. @vwallop

Three Years, One Stone and then Home –  Huge congratulations on your Britmums Brilliance in Blogging nomination!  Well deserved!  @Farfromhomemama

Maid in Yorkshire – a fabulous story which reminds me of the perils of cycling… You really should read it! @maidinyorkshire

Mother.Wife.Me – highlighting free cake!  I need to find me the Glasgow cake dispenser! Thank you so much.  Mother.Wife.Me is another BiB shortlisted blog so you could do much worde than check her out, and (so many strings to her bow!) she is also working hard to bring the Tinkerous Toddler up to be fluent in her non-native French.  No mean feat!



10 responses to “Follow a Newbie Friday – Week 5

    • I was more than happy to include you. As for being online less, it was hard for a few days and then easier and easier. I’m starting to wonder how I ever found the time.

  1. You truly are a star! There is a most helpful blogger category in the MAD awards and I think that everybody should vote for you! You do so much to help other bloggers! Go on everybody! Thank you so much! I will add the badge to my blog when I am on the laptop. Didn’t realise that I could add it with out a post. Will try and write a post too. Will have more chance if I can do it in another day as Fridays are a bit tricky for me. Thanks again hon! You fab! x

    • Lol, not sure my head will fit through the door now. Thanks, it’s very kind of you. I always leave the linky open for a week. The Friday just came from all the #ff on Twitter, but highlighting newbies – or anyone else, to be fair – will always be appreciated, regardless of the day.

  2. Hello! Thanks so much for including me in your Follow A Newbie Friday post, I am really chuffed! I really must take your lead and do more to support other newbie bloggers… watch this (or rather my) space!

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