Terrible Twosday (My Master Manipulator Minx)

I can finally get on the internet again! It’s been like having a limb cut off for the last little while – I’ve been without my mobile phone and my internet connection has been patchy at best. Fingers crossed it’s starting to get better…

So, what better way to kick start my blog than with a Terrible Twosday post to link up with the ever fabulous Crumby Mummy? None, clearly.

My little Minx isn’t two until the end of next month – a date that is coming round all too quickly. I can’t believe that so much time has passed already. She’s started going to playgroup in the same building as the Monster’s nursery. When we first started attending the nursery she was only four months old, and now she’s big enough to be left there for a couple of hours. I miss my little baby, but I wouldn’t change my Minx for the world.

Lately, her vocabulary has exploded. She says more and more, and other people can understand her, too. Her favourite words and phrases this week are:

“MIIIINNNNEEESSSSS” – generally shouted at her older brother but we have heard her shouting it when she was in a room on her own at a toy buggy that was stuck.
“Monster did boink,” “Monster did push,” “Monster did take!” (Obviously she uses Monster’s name.)

Yes, my daughter has become a wee clipe. She knows exactly how to push her brother’s buttons. She’ll prance about with a toy that she knows he wants and tease him with it till he tries to touch it when she promptly runs to us to tell on him. Yes, she is only 1 and is already a master manipulator. I think we’re going to be kept on our toes with this one…

What about you? What does your child like to do that they shouldn’t (but that you can’t resist smiling at)? Write a wee blog post and link it back to The Crumby Mummy’s Terrible Twosday post. Why not have a wee flick through some of the other posts whilst you’re at it?


15 responses to “Terrible Twosday (My Master Manipulator Minx)

  1. ;0) Sounds like you’re going to have your hands full! Think ‘Mine’ is a favourite word amongst them. My friend was just saying yesterday that her Grandchild keeps saying ‘Mine’ and ‘Share’ constantly. Glad you are back on the Internet! We have missed you! Thanks for making your comeback post a Terrible Twosday! I’m so pleased!!!

  2. I just left a comment via my phone but it disappeared so I thought I’d leave another one. You may get two.

    Sounds like you have your hands full! Think ‘Mine’ is a favourite word. My friend was saying, only yesterday, that her Grandchild keeps saying ‘Mine’ and ‘Share’ constantly. Glad you are back on the internet! We have missed you!!! Thanks for making your comeback post a Terrible Twosday! I am so pleased!!! :o) x

  3. Don’t worry. I don’t mind if people don’t do it every week. That would be like wishing tantrums on people. Just glad you take part. It’s become a highlight of my week. When Bob has her moments I see the funny side now. ;0)

  4. Only because Bob gave me the ammunition. It was something that would have traumatised me before but now I just worried about gettin my camera. ;0)

  5. Ours (just turned 2) have “Me me me!” shouting matches, and tease each other like that as well – which I really don’t like to see, But that’s kids eh, especially terrible twos?

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