5 Reasons I Know I’m a Weight Watchers Leader…

I thought I’d join in with Kate Takes 5‘s list – 5 Reasons I Know I’m A…… you get to fill in the blank yourself. (Make sure you hop over and check out the other fab lists.) But how to define myself? I’m a mum – but I witter on about that enough. I’m a teacher – but I’m on a career break, and anyway, The Stressy Mummy has already written that list perfectly. In the end, I’m going with…

5 Reasons I Know I’m a Weight Watchers Leader

1) I weigh everything. Even the cheese on top of my spaghetti bolognaise. I may have lost over 4.5 stone but it’s bad for business if I can’t maintain it… No pressure on me then.
2) I receive texts at 2am on Saturday mornings from people wanting to know the ProPonents values in a kebab. FYI – there’s no standard information about kebab.meat because everywhere’s got their own recipe. Just in case you get the urge to text me.
3) People hide their shopping trolley from me in Asda – or feel the need to justify their tub of ice cream.
4) People surreptitiously check out the contents of my trolley.  I have to shop far from home to sneak the goodies in.
5) I have to wait till I’m 10miles away to eat a bar of Galaxy in peace. Mmmmm…


12 responses to “5 Reasons I Know I’m a Weight Watchers Leader…

    • Lol, I’m a WW leader partly to pay the bills whilst I stay at home with the kids when they’re small, and partly to maintain my weight loss. It’s generally good, but yeah – people watch EVERYTHING I eat. It can make me eat extra junk though…

    • Haha! I can’t say that I reply at that time… But I do try to reply in the morning. That’s an easy question because I know the answer, but random ones about bacon & egg mcmuffins throw me because I never eat there.

      Where do you stay?

  1. Love it! I still remember hiding the contents of my trolley from my WW Leader, but then I put more weight on than I ever have when I used to help out at meetings selling the goodies as I used to eat them all in one go on the way home – oops!

    • I think sometimes helpers forget why they’re there – it becomes almost a job rather than some “me time” to refocus yourself on your weight loss. Did you get there in the end?

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