Follow a Newbie Friday!

Another Friday and another chance to showcase some great new blogs out there.  Another chance for us newbie bloggers to give each other a hand getting our names and blogs out there.  If you’re wondering if your blog counts as a newbie blog, a few weeks ago we decided that you’re a newbie for as long as you feel like a newbie, whether that’s 2 months or 2 years.

At the start of this year I barely knew how to find any blogs let alone track down newbies, but it’s amazing how quickly you start to find your feet.  It’s also amazing how many people start writing blogs each week.  What prompted each of us to write our first blog?  Back in July, when I wrote my first blog post, I was looking for a way to kick start myself, to be less “slummy” and more “yummy” (whatever that means).  Five months later I wrote my next blog.  This time I wanted to chart my experiences learning a new language and of sending my children to a school where they will be immersed in this new language.  I never expected that anyone had actually read my original blog but they had and so I started to write more.  It can be a great way to get things off your chest or just share something with a community.

So why did you start?  And, new or “old” blogger, what hints and tips have you got to get the most out of a blog?

Please take the time to visit this week’s newbie blogs listed below – they’ll all appreciate it, I’m sure.  We’d also love it if you’d join in with us by writing your own post about a newbie blog (or a few) you’ve found that you think the world should know about.  You can find the details in the Follow a Newbie Friday tab at the top.  Once you’ve written it, come back and link it up in the linky below to share that blog love even further.  If you’re joining in, or if you’ve been showcased, why not add the newbie badge to your blog?  Happy reading!

  1. Shareen (One!) at A Real Mummy Diary shares with us the birth of gorgeous little Shiloh Marie.  Huge congratulations!  Bet you’re glad you ate the kebab… @realmummydiary
  2. City Girl at Heart  – Do you find being a parent bl#*dy hard work?  If so, this could be the tonic you’re looking for to take the edge off it all.  Why not try her Tequila Diet and miraculously avoid a hangover…  @citygatheart
  3. Castaway with Dreams talks of brotherly love aka sibling rivalry.  We’re just starting with it ourselves – it looks like it only gets worse. @wendy0
  4. Trouble Doubled shares the ups and downs of World Book Day.  Where do you stand?  Love it – or loath it? @trouble_doubled
  5. Make n Create shares simple homemade makes.  I love the sock mice I can not only make with my children, I can make with my children’s old socks.  I hate throwing the tiny ones away and now I don’t have to! @makencreate
  6. Milly’s Blog shares with us the reasons behind her decision to sign up for the Race for Life – for two of the bravest people she’s ever had the priviledge of knowing: her parents.
  7. Over at 3 Become 4, there’s some good news to share…
  8. Nearly Everything but the Kitchen Sink thinks about whether “normality” is ever “normal” again after a trauma. @wrigglesandme

I’m rushed off my feet at the moment so I’m stopping at 8 this week, but there are more still on my list for next week.  Will it be you?

Feel free to take the badge:

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5 responses to “Follow a Newbie Friday!

  1. Thank you for including me! I love looking at other blogs. When I started I didn’t realise that would be such a part of it. Really enjoy being part of such a friendly ‘virtual’ community.
    Will be checking out the other newbies 🙂

    • I hadn’t realised what a community there was with blogging. I suppose I always thought of it in that stereotypical way – a bunch of egotistical people sitting around writing about themselves, but it’s really not that at all. And it’s no bother to include you!

    • Thanks! It doesn’t matter when you meant to do it, it’s lovely that you HAVE! You should add the link to the blue linky thing above – and check out some of the others…

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