Terrible Twosdays

My daughter is not yet two, but she most definitely lives up to her moniker, The Minx.  If this is what she’s like before she’s two, Heaven only knows what the next year is going to be like.

To give her her dues, she’s mostly well behaved (if fiercely independent) – though fellow shoppers may have disputed that yesterday…  Master manipulater, my mini Minx, she did get a brand new bracelet out of it, because I couldn’t prise it from her fingers and people were starting to stare.  I hate confrontation or being the centre of attention so the bracelet was hers.

With a wealth of material at my fingertips, it was great to see that The Crumby Mummy has started the weekly linky, The Terrible Twosdays.  But what “charming anecdote” to throw into the mix first?

My Minx is a little helper.  She loves to “help” me on the laptop by pulling the cable out right in the middle of completing an excel file (my battery doesn’t work so it instantly crashes).  She loves to help put her brother’s LeapPad away – usually when he’s in the middle of playing with it, with a loud shout of “miiiiinnnnesss!”  But the most annoying of her “helpful” activities is tidying up.  This is usually her bowls etc after a meal but we think it includes the LeapPad battery cover.  Surely this is a good thing though?  Well, you’d think, but her favourite filing place is the bin, and judging by our rapidly depleting plastic cutlery collection, it has been going on for some time without our knowledge.

So for the moment, I’m bin diving for our children’s plates and cutlery every day, and I’m on the hunt for somewhere even higher to stash all of our “precious” things.

Fingers crossed this is a phase that doesn’t last…

Have you got any terrible toddler tales to share?  Make sure you link up with The Crumby Mummy (and use the Twitter hashtag – #terribletwosday) and not only give us all a good giggle, but give us some relief in the knowledge that we’re not alone…


8 responses to “Terrible Twosdays

  1. Oh my goodness!!! Nothing is safe!!! Can’t believe she’s been throwing things away! Thanks for the heads up! Might have to put my bin up very high as Bob’s favourite activity is posting things. Thank you so much for sharing and I hope that nothing important has gone with the rubbish!!! x

    • We’re not sure. There probably have been but at the moment nothing major (other than the battery cover) has cropped up. My husband tried to make me search through the bin for it – the bin filled with dirty nappies. Eh, I don’t think so!

      It’s such a lovely idea to share all these wee stories – how could I fail to join in?

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