Do you use Facebook?

I have to admit to being totally obsessed about Facebook for several years now.  I have a personal profile and a work one.  I have a charity ball page, I manage my dad’s plumbing & heating page and I now have a page for both of my blogs – this one, and one for Gaelic Medium Mum.  In the last few weeks I have taken a slight step back from Facebook though as I try to really get to grips with Twitter (@TheSlummyMummy).  To be honest, I have just replaced one obsession with another.

My big “problems” with Facebook are:

  1. Family.  All my family are on it so I feel I have to censor everything – somethings are meant to be just between friends.  Don’t get me wrong, I know I can set it up so that different statuses can only be read by specific people but then family get offended that they’ve been excluded.  I’ve seen major arguments (from which we’re still feeling the fallout 18 months on) betweeen family members, and on one occasion an aunt took the hump with me and with my mum because she found out I was pregnant through a Facebook status update rather than personally.  I should point out my mum had said she’d told all my aunts and uncles before I updated my status, but she’d accidentally forgotten one.  Oops.  To be honest, I felt it was my news to tell as I wished, and if I really wanted to use Facebook that was my decision to make.  Just as the same aunt’s son had announced his engagement on Facebook a month earlier…
  2. Posts hang around forever – especially with the new timeline when it’s even easier to go back to a specific time to check back on a post.  It’s like the proverbial husband/wife who won’t let go of the bone in a fight – nothing is forgotten and everything can be cast back up.
  3. Filling in the gaps.  90% of communication is non-verbal but online it’s ALL verbal.  There’s no place for intonation or nuance online, and so much can be construed from a simple throwaway phrase that people can quickly become upset.  I’ve seen friendships flourish and blossom on Facebook only to eventually shrivel up under the weight of it all.  Who’s commenting to whom?  Why are they PMing each other?  She keeps checking in with X “spur of the moment” but she’s always telling me she’s too busy.  Time was if you wanted to speak to someone you picked up a phone or you went to visit.  Now, it’s a whole new minefield.

There are probably more reasons but these are my biggest bug bears.  However, there are loads of things that I love about Facebook:

  1. Friends.  To be friends on Facebook you both have to agree.  There’s no one sidedness, one following but the other not interested in what you have to say.
  2. Posts hang around forever. (OK, it’s a positive thing too – shoot me!) You can leave up a status knowing that even if some people you would like to read it are not online that they can both check on it later and follow the whole conversation. On Twitter I find that there are wee offshoot conversations and it’s difficult to keep track.
  3. Photo albums.  I can share every little moment of my life, if I wish, from my mobile, and it’s great to keep up to date with family in Essex and Australia.  I love that I can watch my wee nephews grow, even if it’s at a distance.  It’s a double edged sword though because if you don’t comment people start to get offended again…
  4. Community.  It’s not that this isn’t available on Twitter, just that I find it easier to keep track on Facebook.

Facebook page for Slummy to Yummy Mummy

All of these positives (and more) are the reasons I’m looking to really make a go of my blog Facebook pages.  Over the last month I have come to feel that there is a real blogging community out there and I’m slowly finding my way in it, but I feel that it could be nurtured even further on Facebook.  We can share our favourite blog posts, comment on random trivia, share photos and just general support at our own pace – Twitter can often feel like a bit of a frenzy, but to do that we need to get involved with each other.

My Facebook pages are wee newbies and it’s a bit like having a conversation in an empty room.  I look at my wall and feel like some sort of egomaniac, talking about myself all the time so I need your help.  I would love it if you would Like my Facebook page(s) and really get involved.  Post things, comment on things – share things.  And make sure you leave the link to your page below so others can follow them, too.  Let’s use Facebook to our advantage.


10 responses to “Do you use Facebook?

  1. My Facebook page is pretty much like my blog as I don’t have many followers on either and I am just talking to myself lol. I need to get the hang of twitter and Facebook as I am very slow on both. I like keeping in contact with family and friends who live far away but I also like my new twitter buddies x

    • Yeah, to make it different you/we need followers who are willing to interact. With Twitter, if I’m not mentioned in a tweet and it happened a few hours ago, I’ll never know about it, but with Facebook it’s much easier to be found. I think I’d like a balance of the two, especially with other bloggers.

  2. Hi there ! I hear you…

    I use to post a lot on Facebook, pictures, status, but I found that it was too easy for people to hear from me this way, rather than calling or sending an e-mail. It was served on a silver platter so they wouldn’t make the effort…so I decided to limit my Facebook interaction. I also found it hard to keep anything personal as some people would post about things I’d tell them in private on my wall. So I decided to stop the madness. They can’t post on my wall. And I barely post stuff anymore. Which sucks because they weren’t all like that but for the few of them who were, I had to do it.

    As for your blog Facebook pages, I have one as well (it is fairly new, just like my blog) and I do feel like I am talking to myself but things take time and I don’t post much other than what’s on the blog. I will be happy to interact with you on yours or mine. 🙂 I am off to like your page and have a little look !

  3. Hey! I have liked your page on FB!! It looks great and I have also discovered Sixtine and The Little Things blog, from this post so thank you!!! Mum of three boys I am going to tweet you for your FB details!!
    Well done ladies, if only I had the time to do all this too!! I’ll get there with my slow burning blog eventually! x

    • Baby steps – nothing great happens over night. And I bet your blog is a faster burner than you think. I’m glad you’ve found some new blogs – it’s half the battle, isn’t it? I’m off to link up with you. Thanks!

  4. I have two facebook accounts too – one for work and one for home. I don’t want to mix the two because a lot of my colleagues are marketing/PR people and I don’t like my news feed stuffed with work stuff when I’m at home. My home facebook page, I love. I don’t have many on there, just close friends and family but I feel able to share everything. Although, I’m pretty sure that my mother wishes I’d been born with a better-functioning edit button. Facebook is a fantastic way for me to keep up with the most mundane of things that I miss out on as I live in a different country to all my friends and family. I have no intention to set up a facebook page for my blog though. There’s only so much that I can fit in to the few hours that my son sleeps.

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