Follow a Newbie Friday

When is a Newbie not a Newbie?  I asked this on Twitter during the week and got a variety of answers, but the simple answer seems to be that it’s whenever you decide.  Frances Pringle gave the straight forward answer that any blog under a year is a newbie.  Her blog, Scribbles from the Middle, is coming up for its first birthday and she feels that it’s only now finding its feet.  Two Point Four Children agrees with this.  A Mummy Too couldn’t say when she’ll no longer be a newbie, but as her blog only began last September (and has recently been given a lovely makeover), she definitely feels she’s still in newbie territory, an opinion seconded by The 1970s Diet who started blogging in October but is still getting to grips with the technical side of blogging.  Far From Home Mama says her two month old blog is new, not because of time, but because she lacks in posts, comments and followers – which is a crime if it’s true because she has a lovely blog.  But it was the fabulous Michelle of Mummy from the Heart, recent host of the New Bloggers Fortnight, who summed it up best when she said that being a Newbie is a mindset, and that it took her two years to really feel established.

See!  Answer a simple question on Twitter and get an unexpected wee shout out later on.  If you’re not on Twitter then that’s a shame because it’s a great way to get advice, support and good chat when you need it from fellow bloggers.  The 140 character limit can be frustrating so I still love Facebook and would dearly love for you (yes, you) to join me on the accompanying Facebook page for this profile (ok, I’m flashing my blog boobs again).  You can Like my page from the home page of this blog – simples!

It’s been quite frustrating this week, as I’ve browsed through the blogs of other newbies, to find that sometimes there are great blogs that I want to hear more about but I can’t find a simple way to Follow them, or just sign up to emails/Twitter feeds.  There are so many blogs out there that it can be difficult to remember which you want to go back to so if you can’t subscribe then that blog may fall off people’s radar.  I really recommend having a look at your home page from the eyes of a visitor and trying to see how easily they’ll be able to find their way back to you.

Following on from last week’s Follow Friday post, I’ve worked out how to make both a linky and a badge for my blog!  My wee mind is exhausted from the effort but I was determined to do it and in the end, it wasn’t all that tricky.

The linky is at the bottom of the page.  To join in and spread the Newbie love, simply write your own post about any new blog(s) that has/have caught your eye this week and somewhere in your blog mention this Follow a Newbie Friday post.- it doesn’t matter if someone has already written about them because I’m sure they’ll appreciate the extra blog love.  Then, come back here, click on the wee “linky” logo at the bottom to add your blog to the list and Bob’s your uncle!  The idea is that you will then have a wee read at everyone else’s posts too and so the newbie love is spread far and wide.

I’ve also made a wee badge, which you can see here:

 <a href=""><img src="" alt="" border="0" /></a> 

You can copy the code for this and put it on your own blog which then makes it easy for others to find all these newbie blog lists.

So, without further ado, some of the fabulous newbie blogs (I’ll share more next week) I’ve stumbled across this week are:

Now, search engines and blogger scoring sites rate actual links to blogs quite highly, presumably because they show your blog is genuine and well thought of.  So if you’re taking part in a meme or blog hop don’t just leave the Twitter tag, make sure you add in the blog’s website address, too.  Someone will love you for it.

Have a great week this week, and I look forward to reading your posts later.  Thank you to Mrs W who has already written the first post.


12 responses to “Follow a Newbie Friday

  1. Thank you for the mention and a lovley new initiative you have set up here. Tweet @ActuallyMummy and she might give you a mention on her Newbie Tuesday on BritMums, might bring you a few more readers. Mich x

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  4. I’ll be more careful with what I say on twitter now 😉 Really like your new blog design – you’ve been working very hard this week.

      • I think it’s looking great. And your posts this week have been really interesting. Have bookmarked them so I can comment when I have a little more time.

        • Aw, thanks! I’m getting tomorrow’s ready, heading to the Gaelic bookshop, making Crusha trifle (!?) and getting ready for work. After that, I can read at a leisurely pace… How are you?

          • Crusha trifle? What on earth? Been reading real-life, page-turning, actual books this week. Finished now so back on the computer once the little one has gone to bed tonight.

          • Yeah, I want to dig out a few books for the next few weeks, and saw a couple of 99p ones on the Kindle. It’s a packet (3 for £1 in Sainsbury’s) which has jelly on the bottom then Angel Delight style topping and sprinkles to add. Thought the kids would enjoy making it.

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