A Touch of February Sunshine

Big thanks to Far From Home Mama for tagging me in this meme.  The idea is to focus on the things that are most important to me, bringing a little sunshine into an otherwise grey month.. Here goes:

Favourite colour: I love pink.  Pretty much any shade goes.  I even had a (pale) pink wedding cake because I love it so much.  It’s such a cheery, soothing colour, though I do appreciate that it’s not to everyones taste.  This is not about being a girl, but about it being a colour that makes me happy.

Favourite animal: Do you know, I dont really think I’ve thought about that in years.  It used to be dolphins, and I had a pet mouse when I was younger, so many fish are gorgeous though they dont really give a lot back (how selfish of them to think that swimming in a circle should be entertainment enough!), but if I dont say, “Dog” here I think my wee Shih Tzu might be offended, so dog it is.

Favourite non-alcoholic drink: I don’t drink so really this is just my favourite drink.  My first response is Diet Irn-Bru (it will never be Irn-Bru Sugar Free, no matter how many adverts they show saying they’ve changed its name), but I also love milkshakes and fancy cocktails with cream/coconut cream/exotic fruits in so long as they don’t have “bits.”

Facebook or twitter: I’ve always loved Facebook but since I started blogging I haven’t been on it much.  I’d like to think that it’s because I’ve struck a better life/internet balance but I’ve simply replaced it with Twitter (now that I’ve worked out how to use it!)

Favourite number: I’d be lying if I said I had one.  My favourite number will be the final number out when I win the lottery.  Note to self: start playing the lottery.

Favourite day of the week: Wednesdays – I have no work at night, no in laws to visit and no travelling 45 mins to visit family as happens on every other night, though starting this week I have a Gaelic phone tutorial on a Wednesday night.

My passion: My family.  And I’ve realised just how much I miss teaching in the last few weeks.  Not enough to want to go back to work, but I definitely feel passionate about education.

Giving or getting presents: I do love receiving presents but I must admit, I love the challenge of finding something that I think would be just right, or surprising someone out of the blue.

Favourite pattern: Um, don’t think I have one.  I tend to like the idea of patterns and then am frightened away when I try to wear them.

Favourite flower: Bluebells growing wild in a bluebell wood.

I’m now passing the baton on to three new twitter friends (and one extra…)  Please take the time to read their blogs – each of them are pretty new blogs I’m sure they’d love some new readers:

@the1970sdiet –  The 1970s Diet and her friend @OhMarvellous – Oh, Marvellous!

@ClaireDeeming – Chapters of Claire

@BaGi1972 – Adopt and Keep Calm


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