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I’m pretty new to Twitter so it took me a minute to work out what all the #ff was about.  In fact, I had to check that it wasn’t #ffs (aw, fer f***’s sake) and that I hadn’t offended several people.  Once I worked it out I was quite touched that people had thought to include my name (or twitter tag) and I do plan to go through and do the same this afternoon.  But first, it got me thinking… (always a dangerous thing to crank up something as rusty as the cogs in my mummy brain).

This week I’ve been looking up new blogs and bloggers.  I’m keen to meet other people in a similar situation and see if we can pool our knowledge and support.  Don’t get me wrong, I love to read the established blogs; the ones by people who’ve worked out how to do this successfully (whatever that means) and who have really found their voice, but as nice as I’m sure they are in real life, it can be quite intimidating approaching them across cyber space.  I feel like I’m thrusting myself at people in a way I never normally would.  For me, it’s been the equivalent of walking down Buchanan St with my boobs out, asking people to not only look at but to talk to me.  I’m sure it’s a very liberating experience and we should all enjoy it, but I end up feeling very exposed and vulnerable.

So, I thought that maybe us “newbies” should be a bit more proactive amongst ourselves and be supportive of all the other bloggers thrusting out their blog’s boobs for the cyber world to see.  To that end I’m going to make these suggestions:

  1. Check out all the places to showcase your blog and make sure you’re signed up.  So far I’ve found Love All Blogs, I’ve signed up to Britmums (and even worked out how to start using it!) – you can then join the group Newbies (new to blogging_ , and keep up to date with the NewbiesTuesday blog.  I’ve signed up to Tots100 which has some good info on it, though I don’t think I’m using it to its full potential and the whole rating thing seems a bit scary unless you’re a Big Boy Blog.  There’s the Netmums Parent Bloggers Network and many more that I’m learning about each day and slowly but surely signing up to.  If nothing else, you’ll find lots of other great blogs to read.
  2. Sign up to social networks – I’ve met so many lovely people on Twitter in a short space of time, and my love affair with Facebook is longstanding. Join in, it’s not as hard as you think.  (Click these links for my pages – see!  I’m flashing my boobs again!)
  3. Join in those alien “blog hops,” “linkies,” and “meme” things that Big Boy Bloggers talk of – but don’t just post.  Visit!
  4. Visit other newbies and show them the love and feedback you’d like for yourself – what goes around comes around after all.  (Let’s face it, many of us are probably still desperately clinging to the stats page.)

To make that easier, I thought we could sort of introduce ourselves and our blog, and then share the links of any great Newbies we’ve come across.  I’m going to tag some newbie bloggers below for you all to visit, and it would be great if some/one of you would do the same.

(In no particular order):

I’m not sure about the whole “linky” thing because I don’t think WordPress lets me do that list bit at the bottom but if someone knows different then do, please, let me in on the secret.  Otherwise, I’d love it if you wrote your own Newbie blog with your own recommendations and then feel free to put the link to your blog in the comments below or I think if you add a link to this page in your blog it should Pingback and make a note here – though that’s getting a bit technical.

Our very own Follow a Newbie Friday.


40 responses to “Follow Friday

    • Lol! Thanks.

      I wish I could have put up some more links but I felt 12 was pushing it, plus these are the ones that I happened to add to my blogroll (before I ran out of time – why do my kids think they deserve my attention!?) after they were mentioned on the Britmums group…

      I’m going to keep a wee note of any I read/comment on this week so I can post some more next week and that makes me feel a bit less guilty about not including everyone.

      If anyone feels they should have been featured then they can let me know here OR they can write their own version and link it back. They’ll then get a wee plug next week and a RT on Twitter…

  1. This is a great idea. Thanks for the suggestion and including me. And also for giving me a few other blogs to have a nosy around this weekend. x

    • It’s no problem. I still can’t get over the banned BBQs… Make sure that if you find any other newbies that you either link them yourself or pop their link here and I can do it. Thanks!

      • Going to have a virtual wander around some new blogs this weekend and post something similar to what you’ve done. It’ll be nice to have our own little support group particularly at the moment when everything is so new and so strange.

    • Yeah, I think that if you’re on WordPress you can join in, and you can put a link in YOUR blog to the original blog, but some blogs have a lovely wee list at the bottom. You can click into it, add your own blog post and then click and read everyone else’s. I’m not sure that I can add something like that to the bottom of mine.

      Thanks for your link, Faye. I think I was actually on your blog during the week but as I wasn’t thinking about this post at the time I didn’t make a wee note so I’d forgotten. I’ll keep a better track this time!

  2. How exciting! Thank you for the tag. Will see if I can do the same but think you’ve listed most of the new bloggers that I have found. Will look forward to exploring the others you’ve mentioned. Thanks hon. x

  3. Hello! Lovely idea, I shall also be taking a trip around all these other blogs you’ve listed. Thanks for doing the hard work for me!!

    I spent several hours going slowly cross-eyed earlier this week, trying to wade through the mire of all the places you are meant to be as a blogger – StumbleUpon, Digg, Google+, Pinterest.

    Pinterest is the only one I am really loving so far, quite addicted actually – so there’s a tip from me, get Pinterest-ing and let’s all link up there too. You can find me at – you will see my boards are a work in progress!

    I’ve already made one lovely new blogger acquaintance there in the shape of

    I’m also about to have a first crack at a meme, along with So I’ll keep you all posted about that.

    So, there’s a couple of other blogger recommendations for you to add to the list of weekend browsing. Look forward to seeing talk of any others that you all rate.

    Bon weekend x

    • Yeah, I started pinterest the other day but need to get properly into it. I’ve been on Google plus since it was a beta but never got the hang of it.

      Thanks for the other recommendations!

      • Well I am glad to hear that there is someone else out there who hasn’t got the hang of Google+. I like to think I’m pretty tech-savvy, but boy oh boy!! Where can I find you on Pinterest? I’ll follow you…

        • Possibly diving in at the start when no one else was there was not a good idea. It just felt like an empty room and I couldn’t see what to do or how to do anything. As for pinterest, I guess I’m under slummy to tummy mummy but I’m not on my computer so I could be wrong…

  4. Thank you for the mention, what a great idea! I shall have some midnight reading, whilst grading my bubba for the next couple of nights. I don’t know what pingback Is and I’m not sure how it works. I have a7x7 post that I have to do so I will do it as a newbie blogger one 🙂

      • Oh, and I meant to add what a Pingback is:

        Basically, if someone makes a link to your post in their own post, it sends a wee ping to your post and it comes up in the comments. Eg, I linked to your post about loving Wednesdays so if you’ve got your settings set to accept/show pingbacks then you’ll find a link from here in your comments.

        I think it’s a good thing for a couple of reasons.
        1) The person you’ve linked back to will like it because they may get extra people visiting them – it’s like an extra plug.
        2) It is counted for your google search rankings and, I think, things like Tots100 so if we all link back to each other then we’re also helping to get our names out there in these places.

        Hope that helps.

  5. Thanks for the FF – I had to look that one up the other day too! FYI I looked up the use of TY on Twitter as well and that means Tagged. This is a great idea and well done you for getting the ball rolling. I think you can insert a Mr Linky link – I’ve never done it but I believe it’s free and that you can do it from WordPress. I could be wrong. I’ll get reading these blogs this weekend. Thanks again
    Michelle x

    • You learn something new every day – I thought TY was thank you.

      I’ll have a search for Mr Linky Link. I just get the feeling it said there was no way no how to add it to wordpress which was a tad frustrating.

      And it was no bother.

  6. Genius and thoughtful too! Thanks for this and for including me on #FF and ping, I agree it is great to build a community of new bloggers too. I am not super technie myself so welcome any hints and tips. My site is still very raw, a work in progress! Will be checking out the other sites you mentioned over the weekend too! x

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  10. It’s great to meet new people, I know several of these lovely newbies, although I’m fairly new kind of had my blog going for nearly a year! 😮 wow that times gone fast.

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  13. Hiya! I’m new to blogging too and have been waaaading through Twitter, Facebook, netmums, mumsnet (never can remember which is which) and Britmums. It’s really nice to meet some other new bloggers as the established bloggers with 2000 followers can be a tad intimidating (through no fault of their own) and sometimes it feels like an impossible task to find that kind of readership. Anyway, thanks for putting in the hard work – I will go off and have a look at all these lovely new blogs now! X

    • There are so many lovely blogs out there but it’s difficult to be “spotted.” The “bigger” bloggers are lovely but it can feel really intimidating approaching them and it feels totally impossible to imagine that one day you could have even a fraction of their readership.

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