The cause of insanity: Potty Training

I. am. going. to. go. mad.

My daughter is still a couple of months shy of her second birthday.  Although this is also the age my older son (who had the benefit of all my attention, the summer weather and fewer toys to target on the floor) was toilet trained at, I had no intention of attempting to train my daughter until she was at least 17.  Or Easter at a push.  That would give me 2 weeks to give it a go and see how she got on.  No success?  Try again over the summer.  Still no success?  Well, my son would be off to school and she would have my undivided attention.  Yup, I’m definitely more relaxed with my second baby.

Sadly, my little Minx has had other ideas.  I’ve never shown her the potty and as the rest of us are all more content to “do our business” in the actual toilet we see no need to use a potty in the living room, so I assumed she was living in blissful ignorance of the fact that one day we would remove her cosy nappy, reprimand her for weeing if it’s not in said potty, and ask her to hold it in until a mutually convenient toilet break.

Nope.  No such luck.  On Saturday she toddled through with an old potty still tucked away in the loo at my mum’s and proudly sat on it.  She didn’t do anything in it but was pretty pleased with herself.  As my family cheered, told me she was clearly ready to learn and reminded me that I was trained at 12 months old (what were my parents thinking!!??), I smiled and inwardly shuddered at the thought of returning to my potty training days.  Her second visit to the potty was a success and we started to think she might be some sort of potty genius.  Perhaps, I grudgingly thought, this wasn’t going to be so bad.  Perhaps girls really do train faster than boys.  We went out and bought a pack of tiny little girl pants…

Scroll forward 4 days (ok, so that’s not a long time in the grand scheme of things but it feels like it), and that was the only actual wee-in-the-potty success.  We’ve had wee-in-the-playroom success, and wee-on-the-carpet-success, always followed by a loud, smiley, “Splash!” from the Minx.  We’ve even reached the stage where we’ve had no accidents today!!! But it’s a hollow victory.

You see, my little girl is now refusing to do a wee anywhere.  Every morning I put her in a nappy and tell her that we can do potty training in a few months/years.  Every morning she gets upset and demands her potty.  She can sit on it quite happily all the way through Mr Bloom (who can’t?) until she needs a wee and then she needs to get off.  Then she rolls around on the floor, desperate for the loo but won’t let it out.  I’ve put nappies into the potty, I’ve sat her on the kiddie loo seat but no.  She won’t release into the potty or even onto the floor now.  “Do a wee wee in the potty and I’ll give you a sweety!”  I’ve pleaded.  Still no success.

Worried about the effect on her wee kidneys (her bladder was clearly full to the gunnels), I managed to force a nappy on her writhing, screaming body and even then it took her a few minutes to relax enough.  I could feel the spreading warmth in my hand from her nappy as it filled with more than 2 cups of juice.  Finally, she was settled. Finally, I decided enough was enough.

But no, she still demands the potty.  She still resists the nappy.  She still refuses to wee.  I don’t know what the next step is and I’m tearing my hair out here.  Help!


13 responses to “The cause of insanity: Potty Training

    • Some floors are. Our living room is carpeted. With my son, we counted it as successful if he made it to the potty just once a day but my daughter would sit there all day and refuse to go. She knows she needs because she asks for the potty repeatedly before she finally goes, and she really doesn’t want the nappy on once it’s got wee in it, but I can’t get her to do it in the potty. I just don’t know the solution.

  1. Oh blimey! Tough one. My son was such a nightmare to train I left him in nappies until he passed three because he kept irrigating Marks & Spencer. He once obligingly hovered over his potty, peered backwards, saw with surprise that it was still empty and said resignedly ‘Potty’s not working.’

  2. Oh no that’s a tough one. If you can leave her nappy free all day she’ll have to wee eventually?! Horrible though, my son was desperate to train but then couldn’t quite get the hang of it. I did go cold turkey though and just gave him a lot to drink. Turned out he quite liked weeing straight into loo rather than potty and found the potty uncomfortable. I do fully sympathise though I really really hate potty training!

    • I know, I have thought that (about leaving her all day) but she cries, tears rolling down her face, as she wriggles around on the floor clearly desperate for the loo but won’t go. The only time she wees spontaneously is if you don’t mention the potty at all and she gets totally engrossed in her dollies/chasing her brother. I don’t know if just leaving her, because she WILL have to go eventually, would teach her to at least wee and then hopefully she’ll grow to not like the sensation of being wet, or would it just make her really sore and uncomfortable which may then give her issues with going to the loo. I don’t know. It’s consuming my days (when I’m not on twitter etc, lol) so I think I’m building it into something that perhaps it isn’t.

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  5. Oh dear! That sounds like lots of fun… NOT! It doesn’t raise my hopes for potty training my little one. He’s almost 3 and we haven’t felt the need to rush him but I can tell he’s almost there. I was lucky with my eldest because he was done in 1 week by my MIL while we were away on honeymoon. This time it’s all down to me! Hmmm… wonder if I could organise a holiday somewhere… Probably not, but I can dream! I hope things get better for you. : )

    • We’ve taken a break. She still asks for the potty but I want to give her a clean break and then try her again in the next nursery holidays to see if she’ll be happier wee-ing in the potty. Fingers crossed for both of us.

      And yes, if I were you I would book another holiday!

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