What is a Yummy Mummy anyway?

So what is a Yummy Mummy – or for that matter a Slummy Mummy anyway?  Maybe that’s a strange question for someone who goes by the name of Slummy Mummy. Maybe the answer is really obvious.

Maybe a Slummy Mummy is fat, lazy slob who looks like she’s dragged herself (and her house) through a hedge backwards, and then forwards & sideways a bit for good measure.  She takes no care of herself or her home (we’ll leave children out of this description).

Perhaps a Yummy Mummy is a svelte, sexy, über mum who is always well groomed, her home is always immaculate (and smells of white chocolate macadamia nut cookies from impromptu baking sessions with her children and their friends), and who manages this whole “mummy” thing with grace; with elegance.  I think in my head a Yummy Mummy glows a little bit like a halo, with super swishy, glossy hair, a chiffon scarf (where did that come from!?) and immaculate, well behaved children.  I don’t even think I like her – or at least that image of her – very much, though that may in part be jealousy.

To be frank, I don’t think I like either of those descriptions very much.  Well, except the biscuits.  I’m never going to turn down homemade biscuits.  So it may seem strange to refer to myself as Slummy Mummy and to write a blog with the intent of becoming – or at the very least getting close to being – a Yummy Mummy when I don’t even like them.  However, these are just stereotyped, superficial descriptions of these women.  The reality is much richer and more interwoven.

The Slummy Mummy is – and I mean no offence here – most mothers I know.  Yes, that probably includes you.

She is the woman who doesn’t always worry about ironing clothes if they’re not being worn in public, and let’s face it, your body heat will help most of the wrinkles fall out eventually.  She may have a room whose door stays shut to hide the flotsam and jetsam of everyday life spent running around after two small people (3 if you count the daddy) when People Who Will Judge are coming to visit (eg the Mother in Law).  The hoover, though used, is in no danger of being worn out any time soon, and she is not on speaking terms with Mr Sheen because he has yet to visit and shine umpteen of her things clean.

She has no time to keep up to date with the latest fashions so lives in the same old faithful clothes she’s been wearing since they were in fashion about a decade ago.  She has no time for this because once she’s got round to washing the jam from her hair after a loving cuddle from her toddler, and cleaned the toothpaste off the arm of the couch after her son decided it was time he learned to keep his teeth clean all by himself because he’s “a big four now,” she only just has about enough time to sit back and watch Desperate Housewives.

Her children are happy, even if they do occasionally turn up for nursery with trousers that have a hole in the knee after a half asleep dressing session.  She may be jealous of the other mums who can turn up at nursery/school without a hair out of place and crisp, clean clothes on – though she probably doesn’t see them often as she is usually running late.  She (and her children) knows the theme tunes to all the CBeebies shows – not because it’s an electronic nanny but because it’s a lifesaver, creating time to sit and have lunch in peace, and maybe even get that toilet cleaned.  And who really cares if, after all the running about, she doesn’t have time to keep her eyebrows and leg hair in check!?

But do you know something?  I reckon most Yummy Mummies are exactly the same.

Few of us are all of the things above (though I’m having a good stab at it).  We play to our strengths.  Some people are good at doing their hair and wearing lovely clothes – that doesn’t mean that they are slaving over a hot stove lovingly creating healthy, balanced, home cooked meals for their children.  Some people are brilliant at entertaining children without turning on the telly.  That doesn’t mean that they don’t have an overflowing laundry basket.  Some people are rubbish at personal grooming, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t provide a loving home for their family.

Yes, we are all Slummy Mummies because when you get right to the heart of it, we’re all Yummy Mummies, too.

That doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing to want to get stronger in new areas, though.  It’s ok to want to be able to keep your bikini line in check as well as the tide of biscuit crumbs around the couch.  It’s all right to aspire to achieve something more, so long as this comes from you and not just those around you.  So long as you never forget that whether you count yourself as Slummy or Yummy, you remember that you are, first and foremost, a fabulous woman – with or without chiffon scarves.


22 responses to “What is a Yummy Mummy anyway?

    • Lol! Yes, I know what you mean. I’ve met those ones, but really they are just smug, self-satisfied losers who may THINK they are yummy but most definitely are not. When I aspire to yumminess I simply want to manage to juggle an extra ball or two. I want to be able to meet my eye in the mirror rather than avoiding my gaze. If I ever start getting smug, you have permission to poke me.

  1. You are right in the fact that most of us end up being somewhere in the middle. I don’t have time to be a yummy but I don’t want to be a slummy either! So I end up most days somewhere in the middle – or somewhere just below the middle ground. One of the blessings of Winter is being able to hide a crispy, stained fleece under your coat.

  2. You’ve confirmed it. I am an irredeemable slummy mummy. Never iron, rarely clean, can’t cook and don’t shave – although I do like the odd bit of Boden. Any incipient desires I might have to be yummy are quelled by a passion for manure mulching my garden borders. But I’m grateful to learn that I have inner yum! That was a lovely post and I’m glad I came by (like the one on silence too. Believe me, it grows on you!)

    • If it weren’t for the manure I’d have asked of you were my twin! I don’t do gardening. I have been known to kill plastic plants.

      Glad you enjoyed it, and yes – the silence is bliss.

  3. Hehe enjoyed this!
    I tend to see both terms like to many for women; ones imposed rather than owned by us. There’s something slightly puritanical about the ‘yummy’ definition for me. I also find I’ve only ever heard pregnant women and relatively new mums really mention it (and the heinous change bags with the logo on!).
    I dittied my own take on it a couple of weeks ago from a perhaps more cynical POV! http://inadifferentvoice.wordpress.com/2012/02/08/ode-to-the-yummy-mummy/

  4. I’m most definatly a slummy mummy! Slouch house clothes and just throwing my hair up at the best of times! I do make an effort if we are going out and always make sure the house is clean and the kids are well presented 😀

  5. I think I can have elements of both…I think with three toddlers to others i often appear the slummy Mummy, late, rushed and harassed but I do so much at home and to entertain the kids, and I think I can be quite creative. I try to make an effort with me, but finances prevent nice clothes! A lovely post. x

  6. hee hee fab post! i try to be yummy but end up getting covered in sick, or snot or food so i think hats the point in making an effort I may aswell wear my slummy clothes! i know which clothes i prefer top wear but sometimes i can’t bear the mess that end up on them!!
    oh and i can never turn down biscuits……or cake for that matter!
    ps. my leg hair is a tad overgrown at the moment too sssssh x

    • Lol, I’m so glad it’s not just me! My leg hair is pretty good for me at the moment – but I couldn’t even wear tights because the hairs would poke through and my legs would look like cactuses.

  7. At the heart of it all, we’re all mummies and that’s the best bit about it. Like you say, some mummies keep their children entertained for hours, some cook, some teach them French. Me? I teach my child how to play independently…

    Thanks for linking up to ShowOff ShowCase

  8. OOOOOO how true your words are!!! I think all illusions of being a yummy mummy have been shattered! I definitely sway towards being a slummy mummy.

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  10. I’ve popped over from TheBoyAndMe’s show off showcase – never read your blog before but I love it!! I am currently a pregnant slummy mummy so am definitely all of the above (excluding the yummy parts of course)!!

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