The Sound of Silence

Today is a strange day filled with the sound of silence (or rather, the hum of my poor, overworked laptop fan). It’s eerie and disconcerting and I’m not sure I like it. Yet.

Today is my daughter’s first day at playgroup. For two hours she gets to play with other children and I get to spend an hour and a half at home. I should be celebrating! I should be throwing a party! At the very least I should be tidying up so that a party is actually an option should I wish to throw one. But instead, I’m on the laptop, missing my fabulous wee girl and trying to work out when I can realistically go and pick her up.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m sure once I’ve settled in and got used to this new concept of  time to myself I’ll absolutely love it.  I can do all the things I can’t do for normal (though I draw the line at watching Jeremy Kyle): I can eat without slavering, greedy children trying to steal bites when I glance in the other direction, get tidied up and actually get on with being a yummy mummy (so much easier to do when you aren’t tied down with the reality of actually being a mummy), do my 30 Day Shred DVD (though I’m not sure I want to use my free time for torture), go for a walk, check Facebook…

Yes, I think that all this free time coming my way could be a great thing.  I’m going to have 1.5 hours, two mornings a week totally to myself, then the same 3 afternoons a week when my daughter naps and my son is at his Gaelic nursery.  This parenting lark really does seem to get easier as they get older (and other people start looking after them for short periods of time).

So, today I’m going to sit back, soak up this unusual experience and just relax.  I’ve got plenty of time to do all those other things.  Today I’m going to do nothing but enjoy the sound of silence whilst I wait for the remaining 19minutes to pass till I can go and collect her again.


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