Little Photos from Little Fingers

Sometimes life can be stressful and hectic.  Sometimes dull and dreary.  Often we fail to even take the time to see how great life can be for fear of standing still and letting life pass us by.  We fail to see the wonder and magic all around us.

I was struck by this when I finally uploaded all the pictures my 4 year old son has taken with his camera over the last year.  Whilst a great deal were blurry, and many of the people were “in jail” or had spiky Bart Simpson-esque hair styles thanks to the graphics package, some were real gems worthy of a place on the wall – not so much because of how they look but because they show the glimpses of wonderful my son finds all around him.  They are gems because what my son deemed important enough to capture on film are the things that are important to him and so should be important to me (though I draw the line at the picture of the hoover.)

Then, like a moment of serendipity, I came across this meme (#LPFLP) on Mamasaurus’s blog and again on Cat’s Yellow Days blog and couldn’t resist joining in.  I do appreciate that these images cannot mean to you what they do to me, but they are a lovely reminder that there is wonder and beauty everywhere if we take the time to look.

In keeping with the meme, I am tagging 5 blogs as a suggestion that they do the same.  Even if you’re not tagged though, feel free to join in.

If you do take part, leave a link below (because I can cope with nothing more technical than that) so I can take a wee peek.


2 responses to “Little Photos from Little Fingers

    • I know what you mean. The difficult part is picking your favourites. So many are blurred and I didn’t want to post all his friends and family – not sure they’d appreciate it. And there’s only so many close ups of cars you can share. I look forward to getting a minute tomorrow to properly look through the others.


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