What have you done today to make you feel proud?

I’ve been singing that song all afternoon because yes, I’m feeling proud of myself.  Perhaps for some people my good deed for the day is not particularly wonderful but I should point out that it absolutely terrifies me to the point of hyperventilating on the way there.  Short of someone locking me in a room (doesn’t matter how big) with a spider, there is nothing that makes me breathe faster than this does.  Hmmm, in case my husband reads this I am of course excluding him from that…

This afternoon I went in to Glasgow and allowed people to poke me with needles and drain a pint of my blood from me.

I had been planning to go along for a few weeks now because I’ve been reading on Facebook this month about little Vanessa Riddle, and Aillidh’s search for a donor.  Both are very sick little children desperately seeking life saving treatment.  I have no spare money to donate but I can use them as inspiration to help someone.  So today, after an 8 year absence from the blood bank, I went along and did my good deed for the day.  I also plan to get put on the bone marrow donor register once I’ve been sent my spit pot.

I had been thinking of it as my random act of kindness for today but I’m not sure it counts because I also got 2 cups of juice, a cup of tea, a Tunnock’s tea cake, a 2 pack of shortbread fingers, a two pack of digestives and a sticker out of it.  Oh, and 3 plasters.  All that for 5 mins and 22seconds of sitting in a bed (I know this because the wee machine counts it all for you).  To be frank, it has to be the easiest free cup of tea and biscuits in Glasgow.  Next time you’re out shopping and fancy stopping for a cuppa, head straight for Nelson Mandela Square and they’ll get you sorted out.

Still, somewhere out there is someone who will be glad I took a deep breath and went for it today so maybe it is a kindness.  I don’t think we give enough thought to being kind to other people, especially when we get nothing back for it (though the Tunnock’s tea cake was very tasty).  Why is that?  Why do we not put more time and energy into finding ways to be kind?

Perhaps we’re all really selfish.  Perhaps I’m being cynical and most people do make a conscious effort to be kind.  Or perhaps we worry about how our act will be received.

I had to get the train back today which I don’t often do, and I hate when they tell you you’re on the rear train.  What does that even mean?  Is the rear end at the bottom/far end of the platform, or is it at the top/nearest end?  Rather than risk getting on the wrong train I asked the ticket checker man who told me to stand at the start of the platform.  As I moved off, another man – with shaven head and earring – had heard my request and wanted to check whether I wanted the East or West version of my station, told me which train I was looking for, where to stand and how many stops it would be.  He was just a man trying to be kind, but though I smiled and thanked him I also silently prayed that he wouldn’t stand next to me on the platform.  Why would I assume that a man trying to talk to me was also a weirdo/psycho?  I don’t know the answer to that but I do know that it says a lot more about me than it does about him.  I know that I’m now singing along with Heather Small a little quieter.

So tomorrow I’ll try harder to do something I can be proud of.  I don’t know what it’ll be but I do know I’ll be looking out for a good opportunity.  Will you?

As for my quest for yumminess, I stopped into a hairdressers advertising a cheap (and therefore affordable) haircut but, as ever, all was not as it seems so I had to leave it.  I tried but I failed.  I did manage to give the kitchen a good clean and I’m off to shave my legs, so it’s not all bad.


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